About Gumdrops Begleri


I came up with the design for Gumdrops Begleri, which were machined right here in the U.S.A., at a local machine shop in my home state of Massachusetts. I had an idea to design a begleri set with more angles than we usually see.  Gumdrops unique shape is not as easy to machine as more common round and barrel shapes, because of the side angles.  I knew that, no matter what the cost, these should exist.  After several prototypes, I came up with something that I really enjoy, and I hope you will too.


As a toy collector myself, I wanted gumdrops to be collectible, in solid candy colors, with some speckled options, to resemble sugar on top.  I chose some classic colors of candy gumdrops, including black (licorice), clear (peppermint), yellow (allspice), red (cinnamon), orange (clove) and purple (anise).  They were anodized by one of the very best in the business, Gruntbull Anodizing.  The 7075 aluminum beads were sandblasted, to give them a good feel in the hand and added grip, as well as more of that actual gumdrop candy appearance.


I wanted the weight to be something I’d enjoy playing myself.  I didn’t want beads too light to get the momentum I like on my favorite tricks.  But I also didn’t want the beads too heavy, that would cause my hand to tire during extended play.  Each Gumdrop bead weighs a middleweight almost 12g, so a set with cord weighs a total of just over 24g. The beads are wider than they are tall, which makes them unique.

If you want a begleri set that fits comfortably in your hand, and in your pocket, that’s not too big or too small, not too light or too heavy, but plays with a different feel, Gumdrops just might be the ideal new begleri set for you. Gumdrops were designed to play “sweet.”

No short cuts were taken to produce GumDrops.  I will have lots of fun presenting these treats to the world.