Begleri by TotalArtist, also known by the name of it’s flagship first model, Gumdrops Begleri, is operated by begleri designer and skilltoy collector, Sara Dorsey, out of Massachusetts, USA.

@TotalArtist, known by her instagram username, decided to design her first begleri set back in the beginning of 2016, with the 24g Gumdrops, a novelty design, that combined comfort and playability with performance. It was the first triangle shaped begleri to drop on the market, with a theme that no one can forget. Gumdrops were first produced in AL, and redesigned later, as a 25g titanium model. In 2018, they made a comeback, as miniature 304 stainless steel and damascus steel models. Gumdrops have always been made right her in the USA.

After Gumdrops, in the Summer of 2017, there was a drastic change from the novelty shape, back to the basics, in a way, but with some complexity of design. The next release, Gumballs, a round hollow titanium set, was produced in two different weight options, a 23g version, and a 28g version. This was the @TotalArtist’s most expensive project to date, requiring titanium balls to be hollowed out to perfection. It is surprising how a round shape could be one of the most expensive titanium sets produced. It is comfort at it’s finest, with a floaty feel, and a sound that is the best you would expect from a titanium set.

On the heels of the Gumballs, was a new and very unique design, and performer, called simply “Sweets.” The TotalArtist decided to finally make a flat topped design, but in a way that would have her signature comfortability, but include the handling and leverage, to make it her best pure performance set to date. Sweets is one of the most unique shapes in begleri, and a momentum beast for trick combos. The influence of the look of Sweets design on other sets cannot be denied.

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